release v2.10.4.0 Usability


Replace RudderKeyboard UNET command with TEI command object

Display a persistant message that Player got disconnected

Add Fireball explosioin for torpedo warhead detination

ExplosionEventArgs does not account for torpedo strike

Add Torpedos to Kill Award

Kill Award for same ship that got reset in Sandbox server

Kill Award to show the count if same type of weapon. Too many kill awards that filled the screen.

Inform Players when they destroy an object

NO audio cue that I had been struck by projectile.

Limited supply of gun shells per tour

Inform all players the status of the Harbors


BittchingBetty sees torpdeps in the tube of submarines

typing "d" for ship name sends rudder command before entering the server

BtichingBetty does NOT stop once ship is sunk

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