v2.10.1.0 Harbor Defense 2v2 and usablity

SUB-1344 *

Lost all controls at the helm

SUB-1656 *

Guns have automatic loading. No longer projectile and bags of powder.

SUB-1712 *

Create an Event Camera for Five Inch Gun fire. Useful for training with fire control computer

SUB-1778 *

Direct hits to Emma Mearsk causes NO damage.

SUB-1787 *

Elevation label should match position. Puzzled if it was pointing up or down.

SUB-1797 *

Emma does NOT get damaged in the harbor. It does not move when struck?

SUB-1814 *

Harbor ships do NOT appear on Tactics when spotted by lookout


Sunk destroyer did NOT get removed server. Did NOT get removed from the Binocular view of ship that sunk it.

SUB-1841 *

escape/Options/Audio closes the game

SUB-1842 *

escape options/video closes the game


Lose rudder controls when a player leaves the game


Destroyer not taking damage when hit


Don't know if out of ammo. Add an ammo counter

SUB-1853 *

Harbor ships should be NetworkObjects spawned. NOT static gameobject on the Client

SUB-1854 *

Lock state does NOT unlock when the target sinks and leaves the server.

SUB-1857 *

Prevent AI binocular sightings of object behind terrain

SUB-1859 *

Target Destroyer continues to get shell once you stop firing

SUB-1861 *

Convert Ship smoke stack obselete to new particle system

SUB-1864 *

Smoke stack VFX is off but ship is going ahead half

SUB-1866 *

Label the port and starboard on the destroyer sprites on the Five Inch Guns station

SUB-1867 *

Change gun inventory from 25 to 50. I was running out in game play

SUB-1868 *

Destroyer not a visible contact in center of the Tactics map


subchase-online-v2.10.1.0-setup.exe 382 MB
Nov 26, 2019

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